Herbal Detox for Drug Withdrawal

Drug withdrawal is the process that occurs when the use of addictive drugs is stopped. While there is no way to completely prevent withdrawal, herbal medicines can help treat individual symptoms and speed up the detox process to make the whole experience easier. Herbs for


withdrawal symptoms stimulant often include extreme fatigue, increased appetite, depression and irritability. When detoxifying from stimulants like cocaine and amphetamines, choose herbs that increase energy and improve mood.

Korean ginseng is an excellent herbal remedy for withdrawal stimulant. According to diagnose – Me.com, Korean ginseng helps increase energy levels and preventing adrenal fatigue. It is an adaptogen, which means that it increases energy levels or calms the nervous system, depending on individual requirements. Yerba mate – a popular American tea – can also help with fatigue that accompanies withdrawal stimulant. It has mild MAOI properties that make it a good candidate to relieve depression and bad moods. Other stimulating herbs include calamus root, rosemary, guarana and kola nut.

Opiate withdrawal involves painful physical and psychological symptoms that may be even more difficult to endure. Symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, joint and muscle pain, and depression can sometimes be severe enough to interfere with sobriety.

Nausea, herbs, ginger and peppermint can be lifesavers. According Nih.gov, ginger is as effective as Dramamine in relieving some types of nausea and may cause fewer side effects. Agrimony, blueberries, chamomile and fenugreek can help ease diarrhea, while white willow bark and cayenne make good painkillers.

For depression accompanying withdrawal symptoms, St John’s wort is an effective means. According to NaturalNews.com, St. John’s wort is as effective in relieving mild to moderate depression as the commonly prescribed SSRI antidepressants. Valerian root, kava and passionflower can help relieve anxiety and insomnia caused by opiate withdrawal.

Detoxification Helpers

Detoxification helpers can be useful during or after the withdrawal process to clear the body of drug metabolites. Detox helpers work by increasing the production of urine, feces, sweat and other waste products through which drugs and toxins leave the body.

Dandelion root and milk thistle are excellent for increasing the production of bile and aiding in liver function. According HeartSpring.net can milk thistle help reduce and prevent drug-induced liver injury. Dandelion root is also a natural diuretic, making it useful for speeding elimination of drugs via the urine.

Adding fiber to the diet is a great way to keep regular, which in turn aids in detoxification. Psyllium seed is an herbal source of fiber which can be taken as a supplement or appended to the shakes and smoothies in powder form. Herbal laxatives such as aloe vera, prune juice, rhubarb and senna can help stimulate the intestines and improve the effectiveness of your detox.


Some herbs can change the way medications and supplements affect body. Talk to your doctor before trying an herbal drug detox, especially if you suffer from a chronic health condition. When you are done incorrectly, retirement depressant medications cause such serious complications such as convulsions, coma and death. Never try to detox from benzodiazepines, alcohol or other depressants without medical supervision.